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1 Apr 2015

This study by researchers from the Wellbeing Research Group, Centre for Research in Education, at the University of South Australia evaluated how successfully the Safe Schools Hub (SSH) resource provides digital resource coverage for the National Safe Schools Framework (NSSF) by exploring: who uses the...

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14 Feb 2011

The author takes two Year 9 science classes, composed entirely of Torres Strait Islander students, at a school in Far North Queensland. In 2007 and 2008 he introduced elements of Indigenous language and culture into the classes, and conducted a study measuring their...


17 Dec 2010

Giving Voice to the Impacts of Values Education – The Final Report of the Values in Action Schools Project , October 2010 is a report of the learnings and outcomes of the Values in Action Schools Project (VASP) (51) . It presents...

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2 Oct 2010

The Connected Classrooms Program in NSW is providing staff and students in the state's public schools with new opportunities for collaborative learning. Using state-of-the-art technology available through the CCP, staff and students are gaining opportunities to obtain, create, collaborate and share knowledge in new ways....

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27 Aug 2010

Assessment for Learning (AfL), or formative assessment, refers to the frequent assessment of students' academic progress so as to identify their learning needs and inform the next phase of teaching and learning. AfL has won increasing recognition within curriculum policy in Australia, but at the...

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