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1 Jan 2018

Energy retrofits of buildings usually ignore the amount of embodied energy and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions needed to reduce the operating energy and related emissions. Focusing on the Greater Melbourne Area (GMA), the fastest growing capital city in Australia, this paper analyses the embodied impacts...


11 Oct 2017

This report tracks investment in, and performance of, the national research system in an international setting, combining a variety of indicators to present a multifaceted factual view of the UK’s comparative performance in research.

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31 Mar 2016

Developing legislative interventions to address firearm misuse is an issue of considerable public policy interest across many countries. However, systematic reviews of evidence about the efficacy of legislative change in reducing lethal firearm violence have only considered research examining the United States of America, a...

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11 Dec 2015

The media play a key role in promoting the thin ideal. A qualitative study, in which we used in depth interviews and thematic analysis, was undertaken to explore the attitudes of 142 obese individuals toward media portrayals of the thin ideal. Participants discussed the thin...

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1 Jan 2013

This paper uses a panel data set of Connecticut communities to offer several empirical insights into the economics of local public health services. First, the demand characteristics associated with local public health services are explored. Tax-share, income, and aid elasticities of local public health demand...

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