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19 Mar 2019

The Essential Services Commission proposes to amend the Energy Retail Code (the code) to strengthen protections for residential and small business customers affected by family violence.


26 Feb 2019

Victorian energy customers continue to face hundreds of confusing offers from energy retailers, hardship programs that aren’t working and ever growing penalties if they’re late in paying their electricity or gas. This annual report provides a summary of the state's energy market in 2017-18.

Discussion paper

Exploring ways energy retailers can provide family violence assistance that is safe and effective
31 Oct 2018

In response to the 2016 Royal Commission into Family Violence, the government has asked us to provide guidance on the policies and practices energy companies should adopt to assist them engage with survivors, victims and perpetrators of family violence.

Since July 2018, we have...


21 Nov 2017

This report provides an in depth account of customers’ experiences in the Victorian electricity and gas markets in 2016–17.


20 Sep 2017

The key objective of the growth study was to gain an independent view of the impact of population growth on the capacity of councils to provide services and infrastructure to the community over time.

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