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17 Mar 2008

In this overview it is argued that many Australian product designers work in ways that do not benefit the successful commercialisation of their work. Weis argues that unlike the fashion and film industries that are well supported federally and have organisations lobbying on their behalf...


12 Mar 2008

This article discusses copyright, issues for publishes and reproduction of music performance rights and the collection of royalties through APRA. Also delves into the emerging world of online dissemination and relatively new markets like ring tones and what this means for songwriters.


12 Mar 2008

This article helps to dispel some myths about literary royalties and outlines the pitfalls and opportunities for authors around e-publishing technologies and their rights.


25 Jan 2008

Henry Boston delves back into his past life as a performing arts agent and stresses that success at arts markets is 'all about relationships'. No matter your level of experience it is essential to understand your offering, your point of difference and research, research, research....


13 Dec 2007

This commissioned piece by Fleur Watson and Martyn Hook explores global retail trends for artists and designers and the growing importance of unique shopping experiences as well as the originality and exclusivity of the product. 'Discovery and immediacy' are critical for many purchasers in increasingly...

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