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Policy report

17 Sep 2018

A strong primary health care system is fundamental to increasing efficiency, reducing hospitalisations, lowering health inequalities and ultimately improving health outcomes for all Australians. The recommendations in this report outline the right settings for system change, critical to transform our health system and strengthen consumer-centred...


13 Jun 2018

Digital health technology has the potential to transform the way we deliver and receive health and social care. Advances in digital technology provide a tangible opportunity to improve health care quality, consumer outcomes and experience.

Fact sheet

SMART Mental Health Programme
1 Nov 2017

A factsheet which describes the innovative provision of primary mental health care in rural India.


The project is led by the George Institute India and funders include the National Health and Medical Research Australia, Wellcome Trust/DBY India alliance and Grand Challenges...


1 Aug 2016


In Australia and internationally the health care system is challenged by increasing demand on all care sectors, an aging population with a growing incidence of chronic and complex conditions, higher expectations by consumers, and an ageing health workforce. There is an increasing...

Fact sheet

From consensus to action
1 Jun 2016

Short report on Consensus Conference on Technology Enabled Healthcare organized by The George Institute India on 8 December 106 in New Dehli.

This report presents the key highlights of the Conference and recommendations for the future.

Also includes recommendations from the meeting.

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