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11 Nov 2016

Muslim contact with Australia can be traced to before European settlement. In the seventeenth century Macassarese people from Indonesia formed trade links with Indigenous Australians. British-European settlement on the Australian continent occurred when British and Irish convicts were transported there between 1788 and 1868. A...


13 Mar 2013

The information revolution is permanently changing the face of international relations. Wired, networked protestors help power and publicize the Arab Spring, leading to the downfall of authoritarian regimes long believed unshakable. Secret cables published by Wikileaks expose the mechanics of U.S. foreign policy decisionmaking to...

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1 Jan 2011

The theoretical discourse in development studies has struggled with how to integrate cultural practices into development programs in a prominent way. This thesis offers a rearticulation of culture as "cultural institutions" in order to apply conceptual renderings of culture to the more formalized literature concerning...

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27 Jan 2009

How might we merge a culture of inquiry into teaching and learning with a culture of experimentation around new media technologies? This issue of Academic Commons looks at the possibilities for building knowledge around teaching and learning in a rapidly changing technological landscape. It takes...

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