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21 Dec 2016

The Australian Women Against Violence Alliance (AWAVA) and Our Watch, supported by the Women’s Service Network (WESNET), held a three day conference on violence against women at the Adelaide Convention Centre, in September 2016. The conference aimed to:

• Explore the challenges for responding...

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The experience of single mothers on Welfare to Work (report)
29 Oct 2018

This report finds the Welfare to Work policy is not only failing to help single mothers find employment, it is increasing their financial insecurity and eroding their attempts to find work and become self-reliant.


15 Mar 2018

The purpose of this report is to contribute to a common understanding of economic abuse and grow the knowledge in this area to support effective, evidence-based policy and practice responses.


2 Nov 2017

This research highlights some of the challenges faced by children and young people in their middle years (eight to 12 years of age) who are being overlooked in policy and program design.


30 Apr 2016

With one foot in childhood, and one foot in adulthood, the middle years are sometimes described as an “in between” stage of development. This “in between” status has, too often, led to invisibility as far as service providers and policy makers are concerned. Typically, the...


24 Mar 2016

Survivors of domestic and family violence—the majority of whom are women—experience a range of negative economic outcomes as a consequence of the violence they have survived. This is particularly prevalent for women where economic abuse was also part of the pattern of violence. Lack of...

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