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3 May 2012

A distinct Australian identity is developing in the west. It comes from the Pilbara as a product of the mining industry, along with iron ore and our ‘comparative advantage'. By propping up Australia's economy in hard times, the mining industry is shaping notions of what...

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3 May 2012

In the past three years there have been urgent calls – by organisations ranging from the United Nations to the Queensland Liberal National Party to double food production by 2050 and feed a global population of nine billion. The corporate farm lobby, multinational food manufacturers...

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24 Feb 2012

This Griffith Review article explores the conflicting narratives of the Janga , the boat, its crew and its passengers involved in the Christmas Island tragedy of December 2010.


On a sultry mid-December day an Indonesian fishing boat manned only...


1 Sep 2011

The post-career autobiography seems to have become an essential tool in enhancing, or restoring, the reputation of former political leaders writes Matthew Ricketson.

"When George W Bush began looking for a running mate for his Republican Party ticket before the 2000 election, he chose...


5 Aug 2010

White settlers unleashed a rough-handed growth model that saw the land as an enemy to be vanquished. Its original owners were no more than troublesome fauna. Development necessitated that they be contained and, if necessary, culled. Raymond Evans’ history of Queensland details the murderous work...

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