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30 Jun 2014


This paper is a ‘review of reviews’ undertaken into Australia’s welfare system between 1941 and 2013. It covers mainly those reviews most like ‘public inquiries’ i.e. time-limited policy reviews that typically involve external experts appointed by, but operating (to varying degrees) independently...


5 Mar 2014

Evidence-based policymaking needs to be counter-balanced with intelligence-based policymaking, the Executive Director of the HC Coombs Policy Forum told an audience of senior public servants today.

Dr Mark Matthews used an address to the inaugural Policy Reflections Forum at the Department of Communications to...

Working paper

30 Oct 2011

This working paper outlines the labour force participation issues facing us today and reflects on labour market reforms in Australia over time.

It provides a background for further work and discussion with key stakeholders, principally government and the Australian Public Service. it reviews past...


30 Aug 2011

This brief workshop summary examines climate change adaptation in Australia, focusing on the issues of policy framing, evidence and implementation.

Session 1 - Framing adaptation as a public policy issue

Session 2 - Evidence of how adaptation is proceeding in Australia


Working paper

30 Jul 2011

This paper provides an overview and survey of the rapidly growing field of 'visualization'.

The great strides in computing, graphics and information technology, and the widespread use of the web and communications technologies have rapidly changed the landscape for conveying and analyzing data and...

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