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5 Jan 2010

Sweeping changes need to be made to the process of informing Australians before a referendum, according to this report. The Committee found the written material provided to all electors before a referendum is insufficient, and that a greater range of communication is needed to properly...


16 Jun 2009

The draft Premises Standards are intended to make public buildings more accessible for people with mobility, vision and hearing impairments. If introduced, the Premises Standards will have a widespread impact, improving building accessibility for new buildings and existing buildings undergoing significant upgrades. In addition to...


25 Feb 2009

This report recommends that the Australian government introduce new dedicated legislation to facilitate the making of public interest disclosures and strengthen legal protection for whistleblowers in the Commonwealth public sector. The Commonwealth is the only Australian jurisdiction that does not have legislation to encourage public...


8 Jul 2008

It is nine years since the last referendum was held to amend the Australian Constitution, and it is over 30 years since there was a successful referendum to amend Australia’s Constitution. The present decade may be the first since Federation during which there is no...


21 Sep 2007

This report makes 48 recommendations with a particular focus on fraud, financial abuse, substitute decision making, and family agreements.

Key recommendations of the report include:

• National industry-wide protocols for banks and financial institutions to report alleged financial abuse;

• Uniform legislation...

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