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8 Aug 2013

In our increasingly data-driven world, nonprofits need more than ever to be able to measure and monitor the effectiveness of their programs. It’s difficult to improve program services or reach without first measuring current effectiveness. How many meals served at a soup kitchen, the number...


22 Feb 2009

Fundraisers often feel stymied by their software. They spend hours putting in all the necessary data only to spend additional hours trying to get it back out in a logical format. The temptation is to look over the fence for greener grass. But before you...


22 Feb 2009

Online videos can be a great way to showcase your organisation's mission and work - but you'll need to make sure they reach your intended audience. This article looks at some of the ways you can distribute videos online.

The lines between the...


12 Jan 2009

Many organizations would like to foster community and information sharing using email discussion lists. What software packages can help?

Today, we have platforms that offer more than just email lists. The features available to list-owners range from a central repository for file posting and...


15 Dec 2008

One of Idealware's most popular articles, now fully updated. Email newsletters, action alerts, or fundraising emails can be a very cost effective way to communicate with your supporters, but it can be complex to send and track thousands of emails. Idealware talked to eleven nonprofit...

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