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30 Aug 2016

This is an opportunistic and dangerous book, which rides on the back of advocacy by First Nations Peoples (and other Nations) for the return of stolen cultural property and human remains. It is worth taking seriously because it has reached a wide audience, in particular...

Journal article

30 Jun 2016

‘Constitutional recognition’ has emerged as a dominant language through which Australians now debate what is owed to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples by the settler state. But what is it? There are different ways of answering that question, depending on the goal. If one’s...

Journal article

1 Mar 2015

On the 18 February 2015 the Northern Territory Parliament passed an amendment to the Care and Protection Act 2007 (NT) establishing a scheme of permanent care orders for children and young people on other long-term orders under the Act. Of key interest for this article...

Journal article

1 Mar 2015

This article describes some of the work that North Australian Aboriginal Justice Agency does when representing parents and families to assist them to overcome the trend towards removal.


The Northern Territory is a place of extremes: extreme heat, extreme beauty, extreme...


18 Dec 2013

This article describes approaches to the pricing of houses in communities on Aboriginal land in the Northern Territory, arguing that existing approaches are unlikely to result in the creation of a sustainable home ownership market.

Introduction: About a decade ago there was a...

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