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1 May 2017

It has recently become an article of faith that workers in advanced industrial nations face almost unprecedented levels of labor-market disruption and insecurity. From taxi drivers being displaced by Uber, to lawyers losing their jobs to artificial intelligence-enabled legal-document review, to robotic automation putting blue-collar...

Policy report

1 Nov 2016

Smart manufacturing—the application of information and communication technologies (ICTs) to every facet of modern manufacturing processes—is in the midst of transforming the global manufacturing economy. The digitalization of manufacturing will transform how products are designed, fabricated, used, operated, and serviced post-sale, as much as it...


28 May 2010

This report was issued 25 years to the day in 1985 when was registered as the first .com in the world. The report quantifies the dazzling growth and economic benefits of e-commerce, especially in the last decade since bubble collapse, and recommends...


28 May 2010

The Internet is changing. In a few short years, Internet use will come predominately from mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets rather than traditional PCs using fixed broadband. A fully mobile broadband Internet offers exciting opportunities for innovation in networks, devices,...


5 Oct 2009

Many advocates of strict net neutrality regulation argue that the Internet has always been a 'dumb pipe' and that the US Congress should require that it remains so. A new report (39) by ITIF Research Fellow Richard Bennett reviews the historical development of the Internet...

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