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18 Aug 2017

The paper explains Australia’s interests in the South China Sea, and examines the 2016 arbitral ruling alongside Australia’s, China’s and the Philippines’ responses.


1 Aug 2017

This paper discusses Australia’s position on the 2016 arbitral ruling in the South China Sea Arbitration (The Republic of the Philippines v The People’s Republic of China). Australia’s Foreign Minister has stated that this was an important test-case for how the East Asian region can...


4 Apr 2017

This speech by Defence Minister the Hon. Marise Payne to ANU was held at the Women and National Security Conference and discusses 'women, peace and security'. The speech covers the following topics: 1. Participation of women at all levels of decision-making, in peace operations and...


3 Nov 2016


The global economy is a complex cyber ecosystem. The movement of goods and services across cities, nations and the world assumes secure and assured access to the internet. Many processes are becoming automated and all manner of devices are being connected to...

Journal article

28 Apr 2016

The author discusses anxieties about the stability and fragility of South Pacific states, yet by specifying that all three of the key Strategic Defence Objectives mentioned in The 2016 Defence White Paper are “equally-weighted”, it elevates other regions to the same level of strategic import....

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