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1 Jan 2017

A new technological epoch is underway – the so-called Machine Age – reflecting advances in artificial intelligence, digitalisation and Big Data. Some commentators have claimed that this epoch is different from previous ones in that it will produce large-scale technological unemployment, while others argue the...

Discussion paper

1 Jan 2017

Since the early 1990s, recoveries from recessions in the US have been plagued by weak employment growth. One possible explanation for these “jobless” recoveries is rooted in technological change: middle-skill jobs, often involving routine tasks, are lost during recessions, and the displaced workers take time...


5 Sep 2015

Presents new estimates of intergenerational earnings elasticity for Australia.

Introduction Economic inequality has been the subject of debate for centuries , with research and analyses spanning from the code of Hammurabi, to the contributions of Plato and Aristotle, St. Thomas Aquinas, J.J. Rou...

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