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30 Aug 2016

In this paper Johanna Dunaway, Joan Shorenstein Fellow at Harvard's Shorenstain Centre on Media, Politics and Public Policy, explains mobile’s limitations as a means of news consumption and its implications for an informed citizenry.

Dunaway argues that Americans are increasingly abandoning cable in favor...


11 Feb 2009

Unparalleled information access, although empowering, is also disruptive and presents its own unique set of issues and challenges, both to journalists and to society as a whole. Facing a virtual tsunami of unfiltered information?powered by an ongoing technological revolution that has democratized tools of media...

Discussion paper

6 Aug 2008

Journalists and bloggers have formed a relationship based not just on conflict and competition, but also on co-dependency, according to this paper. They battle one another, but they also have influenced each other's approaches to their shared task of news and information dissemination.


21 Aug 2007

This report attempts to gauge the future of news in America through an examination of trends in internet-based news traffic. It suggests that the internet is redistributing the news audience in a way that is benefiting some news organizations while harming others.


21 Aug 2007

Many people argues that paper?s long career as a medium of human communication, and in particular as a purveyor of news, is ending. But there are cognitive, cultural and social dimensions to the human-paper dynamic that come into play every time any kind of paper,...

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