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21 Jul 2016

Domestic violence is typically characterised by a wide range of controlling behaviours. An offence committed in the context of domestic violence is usually part of a larger picture of repeated and multifaceted physical, mental and emotional abuse in which the perpetrator uses tactics aimed at...


25 Sep 2012

This monograph examines the reasons for recent reforms to the legislative framework for fraud, forgery and identity offences in NSW, and makes comparisons with Commonwealth and interstate provisions in light of the objective of national consistency.

The increase in maximum penalties evinces a clear...


1 Jan 2003

Circle sentencing was first developed in Canada in 1992 for the sentencing of Indigenous offenders in a community setting, with aims including empowering and healing communities, providing more meaningful sentencing options, supporting offender rehabilitation, and supporting victims. In response to the overrepresentation of Indigenous people...

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