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1 Dec 2014

The current issue of the Journal of Indigenous Policy, no16, follows an earlier issue (no 13) in collating and annotating material that is useful for understanding and addressing current issues of policy and service delivery. These journal issues are intended for use by communities, government...


30 Jun 2012

This report is the third and final in a series of reports emerging from fieldwork exploring factors that impact on rates of crime in six communities in NSW with significant Aboriginal populations.


9 Mar 2012

The Stronger Futures consultation process was conducted on a large scale in over 100 Aboriginal communities in the Northern Territory between June and August 2011, culminating in the Stronger Futures Bills currently before the Australian Parliament.

This report reviews the consultation process in the...


21 May 2010

The “ration days” have returned to NT Aboriginal communities. People involved in the recently reformed Community Development Employment Program (CDEP) are working up to 40 hours a week, but only being paid the equivalent of their Newstart allowance through Centrelink. 50 per cent of this...


20 Nov 2009

This report examines the recent advances of ethical guidelines for filming and working with Indigenous content in film.

Completed as part of a Work Placement, a final year subject for Communications, Social Inquiry at the University of Technology Sydney. It requires students to collaborate...

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