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4 Jun 2009

This learning module reports on innovative community news initiatives that are cropping up around the United States - and the process of securing grants from foundations that have not traditionally supported journalism.

In the case studies and accompanying videos, you’ll meet citizen journalists who...


31 Mar 2009

Several citizen media producers say they'd like to do more interviewing but don't know the best way to go about it. Others aren't sure they need to. Why not let someone with another idea just post a comment or start his or her own blog?...


4 Sep 2008

Clyde Bentley examines the concept of citizen journalism; from the dusty cave-dweller beginnings to Facebook to what the future holds for newsroom journalists. "Citizen journalism is no more a replacement for professional journalism than teabags are a replacement for water. Both can stand comfortably alone,...


29 Aug 2007

With a little practice and experience, digital journalism will actually save you time. Talk to any newspaper reporters who have successful blogs and ask them if it takes more time out of their week because they?re doing ?extra? work. The answer likely will be ?no.?...


16 Aug 2007

There are many things you can do to cultivate a positive, constructive online community where vitriolic outbreaks are relatively rare, short-lived, and easy to handle. Here are 12 tips to keep your online community civil, constructive and lively.

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