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5 Oct 2017

This study shows that although the main Open Access (OA) policies do not include monographs, conversations about OA and monographs are surfacing and are expected to be accelerating over the next few years.


10 Feb 2016

Without software, modern research would not be possible. Understandably, people tend to marvel at results rather than the tools used in their discovery, which means the fundamental role of software in research has been largely overlooked. But whether it is widely recognised or not, research...


31 Jul 2015

More and more countries are making collected efforts to provide ORCID identifiers for their researchers and encouraging implementation of ORCID iDs into the national and local research information infrastructure.

In June 2015, Knowledge Exchange brought together representatives from its five member countries for a...


25 Nov 2010

The potential impact of open access is understood in many communities but requires a greater volume of open access content to be available for the full potential to be realised.

The Open Access movement has encouraged the availability of publicly-funded research papers, data and...

Briefing paper

15 Nov 2009

This concise brochure offers an overview of the various studies on journal business models.

Over the past few years many studies have been published on the costs and economic benefits of journal business models. Early studies considered only the costs incurred in publishing traditional...

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