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31 Jan 2008

John Banks and Peter Giles interview Matt Costello in two parts at the LAMP: Story of the Future Residential held at Couran Cove, Queensland, Australia in December 2007.

Matt talks about story worlds and how the game play is very dependent on the...


28 Jun 2007

Gary Hayes looks at the four forces that are converging to create perfect conditions for hybrid forms of entertainment. He looks back 10 years at early inhabited TV 3D world experiments when he was an innovation producer at the BBC and then forward to the...


28 Jun 2007

PODCAST: Tony Walsh explores virtual worlds, alternate reality and mixed reality by providing definitions, historical context and his experienced opinion on how the experiences provided by these are really driving future entertainment. He looks at isometric browser based worlds as well as fully immersive 3D...

Audio podcast

27 Apr 2007


The way story works in a game, the role of the writer, and how to technically script a game are topics Jackie Turnure discusses in her one hour overview of the 2006 Austin Texas, Writing for Games Conference.

Jackie Turnure is one...

Audio podcast

25 Jan 2007

Evan Jones of Xenophile Media visited Australia in November 2006 and made this presentation on two cross media/broadcast TV drama series projects in which he has been involved: Fallen and Re-Genesis . Winner of the 2005 Canadian New Media Awards for Excellence in Cross Platform...

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