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28 Jun 2012

The Budget announces the beginnings of two key reforms in health - a National Disability Insurance Scheme and the reform of the aged care system. While neither of these are healthcare initiatives, they will directly contribute to the health status of disabled and elderly Australians....


4 Jul 2011

The 2011-12 Health and Ageing budget has $3.57 billion in spending over six years, most of which is for mental health and regional and rural infrastructure. This is offset by $1.59 billion in savings including an unspecified amount from the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme....


3 Jun 2011

Macroeconomics’ annual analysis of the Indigenous Budget highlights how difficult it is to track the effort to ‘Close the Gap’ across jurisdictions, portfolios, programs, and reports that too often highlight the lack of key data to measure progress.


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29 Apr 2011

The Australian economy and Australian government budgets circa 2011 are tied to an asset price boom of international origin which will inevitably collapse and expose Australian governments to significant budget challenges just as the economy is softening. Australia's record terms of trade underpins both the...


13 Oct 2010

The structural budget position is a mess, according to this paper, with modelling suggesting a structural cash deficit of $58 billion dollars in 2010-11 (around 4.0 per cent of GDP).

The deficit will barely fall in dollar terms by the end of the forward...

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