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14 Jul 2005

Simon Marginson describes the three determinants of the character of Australian universities - the global position of Australian higher education, national government funding, policy and regulation, and the institutional and academic effort of universities themselves - and looks at the implications of the Nelson reforms,...

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14 Jul 2005

International students have rights in four main areas: as human beings (which includes legal, civil, social, political and economic rights); as students in formal education, which includes rights to pastoral care; as consumers; and as employees, given that the majority of international students work while...


21 Sep 2004

Simon Marginson discusses the characteristics of elite universities, the policy and practice framework in which they sit, and the scope they have for strategic choice. He reflects on where and how the education reforms introduced by the federal minister, Brendan Nelson - especially full fees...


7 Sep 2004

In this paper from the 2004 Monash Seminars on Higher Education Policy Julie Wells argues that the renewal and transformation of scholarship is central to universities' engagement with the world around them, and to the retention and renewal of academic staff.


7 Sep 2004

This paper by Graeme Hugo from the 2004 Monash Seminars on Higher Education Policy analyses the demography of the staff of Australian universities, especially as reflected in the 2001 population census. It is shown that Australian university teaching staff have a significantly older age structure...

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