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13 Jun 2011

The recent Productivity Commission report on Carbon Emission Policies in Key Economies boosted the Government's arguments for a carbon price.

It commissioned the work for the Multi-Party Committee on Climate Change, a parliamentary group which is discussing the carbon price. The Commission concluded that...


18 Feb 2011

It's known as the annual 'political donations data dump', when the Australian Electoral Commission reveals who gave what to whom last financial year.

For the Australian voter, of course, this horse has bolted: when we cast our ballots at the federal election in August,...


1 Feb 2011

There's no doubt that flood reconstruction is going to cost taxpayers an awful lot of money, with a price-tag likely to exceed $5.7 billion. Yet that's only about half the amount that State and federal governments spend every year on aged care. What's more, costs...

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10 Dec 2010

Mary Edmunds has just published an evaluation of the Northern Territory intervention for the Whitlam Institute, and she joins Peter Mares on ABC Radio's National Interest.{C}

It's three and a half years after the Howard government sent an army of soldiers, civil servants, police...


17 Nov 2010

Welcome to the new era of transparency. In 1982 Australia led the world in introducing Freedom of Information laws, but FOI never quite delivered on its promise. Now the laws have been revamped and reformed in a bid to inject a stronger "pro-disclosure" philosophy....

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