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14 Nov 2012

Titan, the new supercomputer at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Tennessee, has been crowned the fastest in the world. Audie Cornish talks to Steve Henn for more on NPR .

It can clock 17.59 petaflops (quadrillions of calculations per second). Audie Cornish talks...


14 Nov 2012

Robert Siegel speaks with Harper Reed , who was chief technology officer for the Obama reelection campaign, about the strategies they employed to mobilize volunteers and reach voters on NPR .


13 Sep 2012

Apple have recently patented their original iPhone design, but NPR 's Laura Sydell looks at what this will mean for the future of other smart phone designs.


5 Sep 2012

Social media experts Baratunde Thurston and Deanna Zandt answer questions about how to behave in the digital age. This week's topic: How should you address touchy subjects such as religion and politics on Facebook?


13 Aug 2012

Hacking. We often think of it happening to companies or governments. But it also happens to ordinary people.

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