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4 Dec 2018

The New Zealand Treasury developed the Living Standards Framework (LSF) dashboard, a practical set of meaningful current and future wellbeing indicators, to inform its policy advice. We are making the LSF dashboard publicly available so that others can see some of the work that assists...


4 Dec 2018

This paper sets out to measure and reflect the wellbeing of New Zealanders across different areas of their lives, as expressed in the Treasury’s Living Standards Framework.


13 Nov 2018

This report establishes quantitative and qualitative information on what Pacific New Zealanders’ contributions are to the economy, from a living standards perspective. This is a critical component in our understanding of the range of capital stocks and assets that Pacific New Zealanders possess and use...

Discussion paper

Phase 2 of the Reserve Bank Act Review
1 Nov 2018

This review provides an opportunity to ensure that the Reserve Bank Act is fit for purpose and able to provide a strong, flexible, and enduring regulatory framework that enjoys broad public and industry support.

Discussion paper

12 Sep 2018

The New Zealand government is committed to using a broader framing to measure New Zealand’s progress, to develop and assess fiscal policy and support decision-making.

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