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Report commissioned by the Ministry for Women, New Zealand
28 May 2018

This paper is an initial exploration of what we can learn regarding the drivers of the gender pay gap in New Zealand from combining administrative wage data, birth records, and survey data on hours worked and earnings.


30 Sep 2016

The cost of homelessness to society and to the individual is difficult to measure, which in turn makes it difficult to formulate and evaluate meaningful policy change to address rising homelessness and housing deprivation. This report reviews the international literature on quantifying the cost of...


31 Jul 2016

This report examines insecure work in NZ from four perspectives. It is a collaborative effort to increase our understanding of the insecure work landscape in NZ by utilising two waves of the Survey of Working Life (2008 and 2012). While we acknowledge that the perception...


30 Oct 2013

Employees who telework one to three days per week – so-called ‘hybrid teleworkers’ - are more productive than workers who do little or no telework, according to a new study jointly undertaken between the Institute for a Broadband Enabled Society (IBES) and AUT University's Work...

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