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9 Aug 2018

The councils of the University of Adelaide and University of South Australia have agreed to formally consider the merits of the creation of a new university through a merger of the two institutions. This discussion paper sets out preliminary insights into the potential opportunities and...


29 Apr 2018

The Regional Universities Network (RUN) engaged the Nous Group to undertake analysis on the effects of the RUN on jobs and productivity in regional Australia. This short report presents these results, which demonstrate the capacity of the RUN to educate and place graduates in jobs...


29 Apr 2018

RUN universities contribute an additional $1.7 billion to Australia’s economy. Seven out of ten RUN graduates will go on to work in a regional area.


7 Sep 2011

One of four reports commissioned by the Review of Funding for Schooling, this paper compares Australia's education system with international standards. It identifies its strengths and weaknesses and makes recommendations for improvement.

Australia’s school system is among the better performing systems in the world....


4 Apr 2008

This report looks at the potential for emissions reductions across the energy, transport, agriculture, land use and forestry and waste and industrial sectors. It provides important guidance on areas for future focus and trade-offs associated with different options.

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