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17 Apr 2016

Australian prison populations have exploded in recent years, despite a general decline in many reported crimes; during 2015 at least 65,000 people flowed in and out of jail.

Aboriginal people were almost three times more likely to have been in out-of-home care as children....



6 Nov 2015

International students pay up to 400 per cent more than Australians when it comes to higher education. The reason, according to former neuroscientist Peter Osborne, has nothing to do with taxes and everything to do with enforcing national privilege.

A university education,...


1 Jun 2015

Employment in Australia seems to be disappearing—and yet Australians are expected to work both more productively and for longer. This raises the question: where will all the jobs come from?

Melbourne-based computer programmer Geoff Hudson suggests an entirely new framework for talking about employment...


11 Feb 2015

Professor Peter Newman from Curtin University claims that Perth is much more than a relic of the 'Wild West'. The population is growing and it is suggested that there'll be a population of about five million by 2050. The infrastructure has grown remarkably over the...


15 Jun 2014

According to Professor Tom Cochrane from the Queensland University of Technology there's a growing contrast between the speed at which research and science are being carried out and our capacity to share this knowledge as quickly as it's gathered. This question of access has led...

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