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17 Mar 2011

While there can be significant benefits for consumers who take broadband bundles, the complexity of communication offers and bundles has made it increasingly difficult to understand and compare service prices and characteristics.

Bundling can provide both benefits and drawbacks to broadband customers. In general,...


22 Nov 2010

Botnets – networks of machines infected with malicious software – are widely regarded as a critical security threat. Measures that directly address the end users who own the infected machines are useful, but have proven insufficient to reduce the overall problem. Recent studies...


18 Oct 2010
Information and communication technologies (ICTs) are a key enabler of “green growth” in all sectors of the economy. They are a key part of government strategies for a sustainable economic recovery. “Greener and smarter” ICTs include ICTs with better environmental performance than previous generations (direct...


5 Jul 2010

What potential roles might government support take in supporting a diverse and local press without putting its independence at stake? This OECD report provides an in depth-treatment of the global newspaper market and its evolution, with a particular view on its economics, the...


28 Jun 2010

Regulatory authorities in most OECD countries have traditionally adopted a national geographic area focus when framing the geographic scope of telecommunications markets. The increase in the number, coverage and market share of “alternative” networks or operators has resulted in differences in competitive conditions between geographic...

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