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31 May 2016

Social Impact bonds (SIBs) have attracted much attention in the aftermath of the financial crisis. They have been implemented in a number of countries as they seem to be an attractive proposition for financing the delivery of social services.

But SIBs remain a fairly...


11 May 2016

Social impact bonds (SIBs) can be defined as “a mechanism that harnesses private capital for social services and encourages outcome achievement by making repayment contingent upon success.” Since 2010, which marked the advent of the first SIB, 43 have been set up in 11 countries...


15 Jun 2015

As local economic development is often not a statutory responsibility of governments, and as it is also a multi-sectoral form of public intervention, it is also an arena for substantial innovation, where leadership sets the agenda and builds the context for progress.


19 Apr 2012

Countries across the world are affected in different ways by demographic change at the local level. For example, decline in the urban population due to suburbanisation and de-industrialisation, has resulted in a wide range of socio-economic issues (e.g. increased unemployment rate, decrease in revenue, degradation...

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