Office of the Public Advocate (Vic)


Since its establishment in 1986, the Victorian Office of the Public Advocate (OPA) has promoted the rights, interests and dignity of people with disability (specifically intellectual impairment, mental illness, brain injury, physical disability or dementia) living in Victoria.

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24 Sep 2015

Executive summary

In Australia, and internationally, the family is recognised as the best environment for raising children wherever possible. Governments provide a range of universal and specialist services to support families. However, where a parent has a disability, particularly cognitive disability or mental...

Discussion paper

30 Aug 2012

This discussion paper presents some of the key issues surrounding the use of restrictive interventions for people with a cognitive impairment or mental illness.

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28 Feb 2011

What is the impact of the increased importance of risk management on people and agencies working in the Community services sector? A group of researchers at La Trobe, led by David Green and Judith Brett, have undertaken an extensive study of the way in which...

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