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19 Jun 2008

Stephen Banham of Letterbox talks to D*Hub about Australian graphic design, and his plans to auction the exclusive rights to his newest font Bisque on eBay this month.


8 Apr 2008

While we know that paper records properly stored can last for hundreds of years electronic records ? like email ? may not be available in twenty. This is because computers, software and media quickly become obsolete and the information, including email records, cannot be retrieved....


6 Mar 2008

Fleur Watson writes about the history and evolution of architecture exhibitions and the role of the curator.

Unlike any other cultural endeavour, architecture is powerfully and intrinsically linked to our everyday experience and our collective culture. It operates at all levels of society...

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25 Oct 2007

Seven designers participated in a recent Sydney Powerhouse workshop to learn and produce digital stories.

Digital storytelling merges the concepts of oral history and interview, using new media technologies to produce autobiographical mini-movies. They present a personal point of view through the collaboration of...


29 Aug 2007

The 19th Century Industrial Revolution sparked moral debate about the virtues of the hand- versus machine-made. Today a similar debate is simmering as we embrace the digital information age. Rebecca Roke explores the middle-ground where craft and digital technology in design meet.

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