Principal Health & Wellbeing Survey

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27 Feb 2019

The latest report from this longitudinal study of Australian school leaders finds that many are experiencing bullying, intimidation, and high levels of stress.


21 Feb 2018

Not enough is being done to help stressed and overworked school principals cope with the ever-increasing demands of the job. This report reveals little is being done by private school employers, Catholic Education Offices or State and Territory governments to ease the burden school principals...


15 Feb 2017

The survey has run nationally every year since 2011 in response to growing concern about principals’ occupational health, safety and wellbeing. Since the project began, approximately 50% of Australia’s 10,000 principals have taken part. Many have completed multiple surveys.

The aim of this research...


4 Dec 2014

This research project conducts a longitudinal study monitoring school principals and deputy/assistant principals’ and deputy/assistant principals and deputy/assistant principals’ health and wellbeing annually. Principals and deputy/assistant principals’ health and wellbeing in differing school types, levels and size will be monitored along with lifestyle choices such...


5 Mar 2012

Principals’ Australia, estimates that as many as 70% of Australia’s 10,000 school principals will reach retirement age within the next five years. They will be replaced with much younger, less experienced individuals, potentially more at risk of adverse health outcomes from undertaking the role. However,...

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