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9 Dec 2010

While the media is rightly concerned about protecting freedom of expression, this paper argues that this must not be to the exclusion of privacy rights.

This paper, presented at the 2010 Conference of the Centre for Media and Communications Law, argues that there are...


2 Dec 2010

This Information Sheet is designed for employers bound by the Information Privacy Act 2000 (Vic) (IPA) – for example, Victorian state government organisations (including local councils, Victoria Police and courts). The IPA is about information privacy: it regulates how Victorian public sector organisations collect and...

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5 Jul 2010

Convergence of parental anxieties, commercial opportunism and advances in network technologies is providing the basis for unprecedented surveillance of children and young people. Those technologies extend from automated monitoring of SMS/MMS on mobiles used by minors and mobile-based geolocation tools that allow parental monitoring of...


25 Jun 2010

A growing number of educators and advocates in the online safety field are now embracing the term ‘digital citizenship’ to describe education about privacy, safety, security and responsible use of information and communication technologies (ICT). There is also a growing understanding of the importance of...


11 Jun 2010

This paper explores current practices of youth self-disclosure within online social networks, and the potential risks involved, weighing these against the many values of the practice, and the ways in which the expression and disclosure these websites afford has influenced young people’s current...

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