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11 Feb 2019

This report presents key findings from the 2018 survey, showing the attitudes and perceptions Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians hold about each other.


11 Feb 2019

This report details a symposium in October 2018 which brought together experts from around the country to discuss the ways that truth telling could support healing and reconciliation in Australia.


10 Feb 2016

Twenty-five years after the establishment of the Council for Aboriginal Reconciliation (CAR), this report examines the state of reconciliation in Australia today. The report uses a five dimensional framework of reconciliation to measure and analyse Australia’s progress over this time and set out a roadmap...

Discussion paper

29 Jan 2010

This paper provides a framework to enable discussions on measuring the contribution of reconciliation actions in closing the gap.

Reconciliation Australia is especially interested in ways to measure the relationship between Reconciliation Action Plans and the contribution they make to closing the gap in...


30 Apr 2009

This report contains several good practice examples of programs that are working to improve the transitions from education, training and work participation of Indigenous young people, aged 15- 29

and draws on the key insights from the How young Indigenous people are faring paper....

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