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A Regional Telecommunications Independent Review Committee (the Committee) is established every three years under Part 9B of the Telecommunications (Consumer Protection and Service Standards) Act 1999 to conduct a review into telecommunications services in regional, rural and remote parts of Australia.

The Committee in 2018 is comprised of Sean Edwards (Chair), Wendy Duncan, Johanna Plante, Robbie Sefton, Kylie Stretton and Paul Weller.

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4 Dec 2018

This review illustrated that there are compelling factors for significant additional capital investment in telecommunications infrastructure to maximise the economic opportunities and economy-wide benefits that are available for the people in regional, rural and remote Australia.

Discussion paper

7 Jun 2018

Telecommunications services are vital to participate in modern society. Business, education, health, social and safety activities all rely on connecting with others, and those without functional and reliable telecommunications services risk being left out. The Committee has released this issues paper, which provides an outline...


22 Oct 2015

The Committee has been asked to review the adequacy of telecommunications services in regional Australia. The evidence presented to the Committee was compelling that telecommunications has and will continue to shape the lives and improve the economic opportunities of people in regional Australia.



1 Jun 2015

The project aimed to inform the successful provision of internet infrastructure, maintenance and training in remote areas by providing detailed qualitative analysis of how households in the three communities experienced the internet.


Regional communications: empowering digital communities
5 Mar 2012

This is the second legislated Regional Telecommunications Review (RTR), and follows on from the 2008 review led by Dr Bill Glasson AO. The report provides a snapshot of current service availability in different areas and identifies what future measures are needed for regional Australia to...

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