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13 Feb 2017

This research note summarises the methods and results of an analysis of household energy costs for Australia. Energy costs have increased sharply in recent years placing an increasing burden on household living costs. This paper does not attempt to explain the industry drivers of cost...

Working paper

25 May 2015

This study explores the subjective wellbeing of Indigenous Australians.


Report focusses on mean levels of self-reported life satisfaction, inequality in life satisfaction within the Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australian populations, and the prevalence and severity of dissatisfaction with one’s life. Evidence on...


26 Oct 2012

This report finds that the media, trade unions and political parties top the list of institutions the public perceives to be the most corrupt.

The report presents the results of the latest ANUpoll, which measured public confidence in government and institutions, perceptions and experiences...

Conference paper

16 Dec 2009

Achieving efficient spectrum management in the pursuit of the public interest is a key aspect of legal reforms introduced in spectrum liberalising countries. However, spectrum law is unclear about the precise nature of the efficiencies to achieve and choices between different efficiency objectives are often...


27 Aug 2009

Forty percent of households who said that they received the payment reported having spent it.

Forty percent of households who said that they received the payment reported having spent it - approximately twice the spending rate recorded in surveys assessing the 2001 and 2008...

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