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12 Mar 2019

This speech, by Reserve Bank Deputy Governor, Guy Debelle, examines how climate change affects the objectives of monetary policy and some of the challenges that arise in thinking about climate change.

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5 Mar 2019

The Australian housing market shows strong relationships between interest rates, investment, rents and prices. This paper combines these relationships in one – hopefully realistic – model. The model provides internally consistent projections for housing construction, prices and rents.

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11 Dec 2018

This paper aims to provide an estimate of where the approximately $76 billion worth of Australian banknotes – or $3,000 per Australian – are held, and for what purposes these banknotes are used.

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9 Oct 2018

The credit card market offers consumers a wide range of options when choosing a card. While many factors may influence this choice, this paper focuses on the main financial costs and benefits of holding a credit card.

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21 Sep 2018

This paper argues that the uneven take-up of new technology is resulting in increasing dispersion in productivity performance across firms in a variety of industries.