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27 Jan 2017

A parliamentary inquiry is looking at government departments' growing expenditure on consultants - whether it's necessary, how transparent it is, and whether taxpayers are being well-served.

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26 Nov 2016

The agricultural sector is booming but are the benefits flowing to regional Australia?

Saul Eslake and Fiona Simson discuss the regional economy and what is needed to drive growth.

Saul Eslake is an economist, company director and Vice Chancellor's Fellow at the University...


8 Jul 2015

Will automation create as many jobs as it renders obsolete? Either way, the spectre of severe societal consequences looms, and low-skilled workers will end up shouldering the greatest burden.

From ordering your food on a tablet today, to one day having your online shopping...

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30 May 2015

World demand for food is booming but Australia's participation in that growth is not inevitable. The Australian Farm Institute warns we need to bust some myths about the nation's relative competitiveness, invest capital, build skills and marketing capacity and play smarter if we are going...

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18 Apr 2015

Harper Review of Competition policy panel member Su McCluskey explains how a new approach to competition and choice in government services could be a win-win for taxpayers and for those who need health, housing and other community services.

Canberra's successful National Health Co-op is...

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