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27 Jun 2016

The purpose of this paper is to outline the relationships between:

· The Department for Education and Child Development (DECD) South Australian policy framework for Teaching and Learning, the Teaching for Effective Learning (TfEL) Framework

·The Australian Curriculum: Languages

·The Shape of...


15 Jun 2016

United We Read is an early intervention program in the disadvantaged suburbs of Elizabeth Park and Elizabeth Downs (Adelaide) that aims to build foundation literacy skills in children aged from birth to 5 years, run by United Way South Australia. The program involves a monthly...

Journal article

31 Mar 2015

Spirituality’s influence on general well-being and its association with healthy ageing has been studied extensively. However, a different perspective has to be brought in when dealing with spirituality issues of ageing Muslims. Central to this perspective is the intertwining of religion and spirituality in Islam....


31 Jan 2015

The report provides insights into Islam and Muslims so as to put the issue of Muslim aged care into proper perspective; it also provides opportunity to clarify some concepts in the context of Muslims, such as culture, ethnicity, and spirituality.

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