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12 Oct 2017

The aim of this project was to undertake a comprehensive review of family violence cases managed by inTouch that involve women (victims) who have or are experiencing family violence whose migration status is temporary.


25 Sep 2007

In this paper for the 2007 Australasian Political Science Association conference, Dennis Woodward argues that underlying John Howard’s electoral dominance has been a disciplined ‘electoral professional’ party that has adopted a strategy of permanent campaigning. This has involved an unprecedented degree of media management and...


8 Mar 2006

In this paper for the John Howard’s Decade conference, James Walter argues that the prime minister fits the ‘strong leader’ typology, and considers the tension between such leadership (with its tendency to concentrate power) and democratic practice (with its checks and balances designed to prevent...


16 Mar 2005

In this paper from the Transitions and Risk: New Directions in Social Policy conference, JaneMaree Maher and Jo Lindsay argue that employed mothers may be best characterised as working in 'permanent' transitional labour markets. They suggest that women may be constructing new and flexible models...


12 Oct 2004

JaneMaree Maher, Maryanne Dever, Jennifer Curtin and Andrew Singleton looked at the specific groups in contemporary Australia - women or men with no children; women or men with one child; women or men with two or more children; young women or men (under 26 years);...

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