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Discussion paper

8 Apr 2019

This paper provides insights into how the Australian Defence Force might apply its knowledge of a changing environment to more comprehensively address gaps in its software framework.

Discussion paper

18 Jan 2019

This Centre of Gravity discussion paper examines military expenses funding, arguing for direct war taxes and conscription or systems of national service.

Discussion paper

10 Dec 2018

David Feeney argues that Australia needs a grand strategy which will consider the actions it can take, as a status quo medium power, to support the Rules Based Global Order and secure the country's economic, strategic and diplomatic national interests.

Discussion paper

30 Nov 2018

This paper considers Australia's future security options, advocating a holistic methodology that examines traditional security challenges within the context of the natural world, including climate change.

Discussion paper

2 Nov 2018

In this Centre of Gravity paper, three of Australia’s leading strategists and defence practitioners from the Strategic and Defence Studies Centre, Emeritus Professor Paul Dibb, Honorary Professor Richard Brabin-Smith, and Honorary Professor Brendan Sargeant, make the case for bold, new strategic thinking and imagination in...

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