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13 Aug 2015

Crowdsourcing in policymaking is becoming a more common method for civic engagement and knowledge search. In crowdsourced policymaking, the government invites citizens to contribute to a policymaking process and asks them to share their ideas for the policy.


5 May 2014

Too often, our response to complex social, economic and environment problems reflects our tendency to focus on the short-term; on what ails us in the here and now. Rarely do we implement long-term, sustainable solutions. In this talk, Samuel Wilson discusses our tendency to focus...

Audio presentation

15 May 2009

Looking at the promise and the perils of tomorrow, Richard Nevile discusses the acceleration of technology, environment and human consciousness.

Emerging futures is a free podcast available through ITunes U

Time: 52:58 minutes



In this public lecture at Swinburne University, Gary Banks, Chairman of the Productivity Commission, discusses the Productivity Commission's independence which underpins its operations, integrity and, ultimately, its contribution to better policy outcomes.

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