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11 Dec 2017

This report tracks Tasmania’s progress towards the attainment of improved results in jobs, construction, exports, new businesses, housing, health status and educational achievement.

Briefing paper

21 Aug 2014

Under proposed budget changes unemployed people under 30 years of age will lose income support for six months of the year.

Who will this affect?

This will affect people aged 18-29 years who are not enrolled in education or training and who...

Briefing paper

21 Aug 2014

Under Federal Government budget proposals there will be a mass mobilisation of Australia’s jobseekers into Work for the Dole schemes. This is being called an ‘expanded Work for the Dole’.

How is this Work for the Dole different from previous versions of Work...


24 Jul 2009

TasCOSS researchers spoke with 148 Tasmanians across the State about what it’s like to live on a low income. They found that many Tasmanians are indeed ‘just scraping by’ and are doing so often at the expense of their health and well-being and by going...


18 Jul 2007

Home and Community Care policy is underpinned by an aim of decreasing the vulnerability of people who live in the community, in particular, the vulnerability of 'frail aged' and young people with a disability. However, age-related vulnerability is a slippery concept, its causes and outcomes...

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