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15 Dec 2016

This report provides disability service providers and funders of capability building with insights into organisations’ preparedness for the NDIS, their perceptions of existing NDIS readiness offers and opportunities to supplement those offers.


1 Jun 2016

Over the next two decades the number of people in Australia aged over 75 will double. The generation of baby boomers (those born between 1946 and 1964) is often described in aggregate as the wealthiest and potentially healthiest generation in Australia’s history. Many have suggested...


16 Oct 2012

A report on the social venture 'Family by Family' developed by the Australian Centre for Social Innovation as an attempt to address the number of families requiring crisis services in South Australia. The program links 'seeking families' - families who want something in their lives...


8 Oct 2012

Family by Family is a radical new response to the problem of too many families stressed and in crisis, and too few families with the supports to thrive. “More and more families are experiencing unhealthy levels of stress in their lives,...


19 Apr 2012

This report asks, "What if we took the opportunity to reshape late adulthood and redefined how systems, services, families and friends give and get care? What if we saw late adulthood as a lifestage as important and worthy of investment as childhood? What if late...

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