The Policy Observatory (AUT)


The Policy Observatory provides a lens on public policy in Aotearoa New Zealand. We conduct and commission research on economic, social and environmental policy issues, publishing results in accessible forms.

Based at Auckland University of Technology, we work in a collaborative, networked way with researchers in public institutions and the private sector.

The purpose of The Policy Observatory is to promote and facilitate the “critic and conscience” role of the University. Ultimately, we are concerned that policy advances the common good.

Recently added resources

Policy report

20 Nov 2018

Workplace inequality remains a challenge for diversity and inclusion in New Zealand. So what role can public policy and the state sector play to promote and encourage positive change?


30 Oct 2018

This report is about how the right to ‘have a say’ in local government in New Zealand has slowly eroded in recent years. The principle of subsidiarity holds that decisions should be made at the level closest to those affected by them, yet the ability...


A report prepared by The Workshop for The Policy Observatory, Auckland University of Technology
12 Sep 2018

The key purpose of this report is to help construct narratives that are more effective in promoting policy change. The report presents alternative frames and stories to tell, ones that will help the public and policy makers act on the expert solutions that are needed...


A report prepared for The Policy Observatory, Auckland University of Technology
6 Sep 2018

This provides important data on the relationship between web platforms and New Zealand news organisations. It gives an overview of Google and Facebook’s position in the New Zealand media market, media companies’ website traffic patterns, and an assessment of media companies’ dependency on traffic from...


11 May 2016

This report looks at the reasons for creating the unitary Auckland Council, and asks whether it has solved the problems of the old local government structure. The report notes mixed results, with one key goal being met while the other has not. Five years on,...

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