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8 May 2019

This Strategy demonstrates how a scheme will contribute to Scotland’s 2025 target to increase the national recycling rate to 70% and to the national litter strategy which aims to effect a wholesale shift in national policy and practice towards prevention.


A joint consultation of the UK Government, the Scottish Government, the Welsh Government and the Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs in Northern Ireland
2 May 2019

This consultation report includes questions relevant to a linked or standalone UK emissions trading system or a tax on carbon.


24 Apr 2019

This plan sets out how the Scottish Government, public sector organisations, businesses, industries and consumers can work together to reduce food waste.


12 Mar 2010

This report provides practical and realistic recommendations to ensure literature in Scotland is able to thrive and is supported in the most appropriate way.

One of the report's key recommendations is the establishment of a Scottish academy for literature designed to acknowledge and celebrate...


31 Jul 2009

People who traditionally find it difficult to enjoy and participate in Scotland's cultural and creative life can do so if activities are better planned and co-ordinated at local level.

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