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5 Mar 2009

This report examines the changes to the UK?s manufacturing sector: the traditional divide between manufacturing and services is eroding ? notably in the high-tech, knowledge intensive sectors. Manufacturers adding service functions to their existing product portfolios is a key driver of the expansion of high...


11 Feb 2009

Universities have long had a deep relationship with the economic, social and cultural life of the cities in which they are based. As the UK makes the shift towards an economy that is more reliant on knowledge, innovation and skills, however, national policy makers are...

Working paper

19 Nov 2008

The purpose of this working paper is to explore how much of this phenomenon is driven by SMEs. Is the transformation towards a knowledge based economy also seeing a shift to what some people call an ?entrepreneurial economy?? Or is the knowledge economy seeing the...


6 Aug 2008

The last ten years of economic growth in the UK is a story of the knowledge economy; and one which has played out in our cities. The expansion of knowledge intensive industries, from financial services and professional services to high tech manufacturing, has made cities...


13 Dec 2007

With the growing knowledge economy investment in intangible assets is starting to match, and is set to overtake, investment in tangible assets. More money and time is now being spent on developing assets such as human capital, and brand value, than on more traditional assets...

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