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13 Apr 2016

Ultimately, risk reduction from the implementation of building codesis due to not only the extent of the code as it applies to new construction, but also from the intensity of local adoption and enforcement. It is normally an open question as to how well a...


1 Jun 2015

New survey results indicate that marketers are misrepresenting a large majority of Americans by claiming that Americans give out information about themselves as a tradeoff for benefits they receive. To the contrary, the survey reveals most Americans do not believe that ‘data for discounts’ is...

Journal article

1 Jan 2011

This study examines the ways in which comprehensive universities seek to contribute to and engage with their cities and regions. By studying three regional comprehensive universities, it uncovers the ways in which leaders and others on campus envision the role of the university in contributing...

Journal article

1 Jan 2008

Dramatic shifts in the economy associated with the rise of globalism call into question the traditional ways in which land-grant institutions have defined their roles in contributing to economic and social well-being. Since the assets most needed for global economic viability - a base of...


12 Feb 2007

The story of American journalism is undergoing a dramatic rewrite. It's easy to overlook the promise of the many possibilities that lie before us, argues Geneva Overholser. This report focuses on those possibilities.

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